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Cogent Cyber and OT Range
provided by ABL Cyber Academy

Don’t Send Your Cyber Defenders into A Fair Fight

Prepare • Identify • Contain • Eradicate • Restore • Lessons Learn • Test and Repeat

The New Cybersecurity Best Practice is:
Practice Practice Practice

Instant 24/7 access to over 200 current Cyber Experiences, addressing vulnerability assessment and Red and Blue Team activities. Or choose to Customize environments creating custom experiences ranging from single Box or file targets, to complex Enterprise networks, CTF’s, or even Force on Force competitions. Support is available to do some or all customizations.

You decide what works for you

On-Demand Cyber Range, where and when needed

Or a Custom built Training Ground part of your new hire assessing, current team testing, all supporting your Business Continuity Plan.

Examples of options

Ready to Run, Cyber Experience for Novice to Advanced Pros

  • Outpace threats using curated cyber and ICS OT range training exercises and content for every skill level from Novice to APT Hunt and everything in-between.
  • Accurately Benchmark your Team. Fully automated and integrated system that monitors and records training, assessments and progress over time.
  • Extensive table of Job Roles all Mapped to NIST 800-181, GHCQ, NICE/NIST, the CSWF, as well as cyber security exam domains like CEH.

A Custom Built Range matching your Infrastructure

  • Allow your InfoSec Team to test creative solution in risk-free environment
  • New Hires – create and use job specific assessments before you hire
  • Elevate DoD CMMC Level with Training that optimizes personnel and system security performance
  • Test your (BCP) Business Continuity Plan and identify (BIA) Business Impact Assessment issues

Prepare for the Inevitable on Your Cyber and OT Range

Defend organizational assets by identifying skills gaps and train to close them.

Cybersecurity is a lifecycle of education!

Knowledge gain and sharing
Depth of practice leading to deep skill mastery
Assessment against job requirements and NICE framework
Team engagement and learning support
Mission accomplishment

ABL Cogent Cyber OT Range Demos – Questions