ABL Cyber LAB hands-on Skills


The Best Cyber Security Defense is a learning “real world” Offense 

LAB Credential to be awarded: Certificate of Completion

Total Hours:  160 +

ABL Cyber Lab is included with all ABL Cyber Certification Courses: available both remote VPN access to Lab or onsite

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LAB Overview 

Brief Description  – the ABL Cyber LAB hands on skills training is for both cyber the security Beginner and Intermediate professional.  The ABL Cyber LAB training programs provide students with an interactive hands-on skills building environment to learn the use of powerful hacking tools to scan, attack, test and build real world skills to discover website and application vulnerabilities. The lab is a secure way to learn and practice on internal, non-public web servers.  These are not controlled simulations, but wide open servers for scanning, discovering and using the tools incorporated into Kali Linux. These are the same tools the bad guys use to compromise systems, to better prepare Cyber Lab students with skills for defending against the most common attacks.

Cyber Lab students learn Pen Testing and to perform;

  • Wireless Attacks
    • using aircrack-ng, fern wifi and Kismet
  • Web Application Analysis
    • Burpsuite, OWASP-Zap, SQLmap, WPScan
  • Sniffing and Spoofing
    • Metasploit, ettercap, wireshark, netsniff-ng
  • Information Gathering
    • netdiscover, NMap, recon-ng
  • Cyber Exploitation Tools
    • Social Engineering ToolKit, Metasploit, Armitage, BeEF

Many others….

Cyber Lab Skills Based Training

All ABL Cyber Lab students have access to over 200 Kali linux pre-installed tools. Upon completion of all Beginner and Intermediate Lab Targets and applicable certificate. And with an ABL Cyber  Academy taught course such as CEH or CISA, the ABL Lab student takes the Certification Exam to now provide a valuable, effective contributions on the job with a cyber security team. Participants will have the knowledge and the practical skills to add value to their team and help identify poorly designed code and vulnerable system configuration critical to protecting any organization.

Cyber Lab work includes learning to  map networks.  As the final pre-test phase, the goal of enumeration is to paint a fairly complete picture of the target.

In Lab enumeration, a tester tries to identify valid user accounts or poorly-protected resource shares using active connections to systems and directed queries.

The type of information sought by testers during the enumeration can be users and groups, network resources and shares, and applications.

The techniques used for enumeration include:

  • Obtaining Active Directory information and identifying vulnerable user accounts
  • Discovering NetBIOS name enumeration with NBTscan
  • Using snmputil for SNMP enumeration
  • Employing Windows DNS queries
  • Establishing null sessions and connections

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An inside look at the ABL CYBER LAB

Performing WiFi AP AirCrack-ng                      16 Kali Linux Computer – 6 ubuntu servers with VM targets

IMG_0112   IMG_0118

Raspberry Pi Stations – hiJacking vulnerable wireless
mouse receiver allows full control of  target system                              CISCO Lab has 2 consoles, 5 switches and 10 routers

IMG_0130    IMG_0128